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Follow the Three Steps Below to enjoy your experience with Read Up


Go to our Library to view categories: Adventure, Animals, Education, and Fantasy.


Read from our library or customize your “My Library” with books tailored to your child’s interests and add your voice to your child’s favorite books.


Complete books to earn reward points and highlight pupil progress.


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About Us

Read up was developed as a response to three challenges recognized by our experiences with kids:

  1. Kids were memorizing books instead of learning the words they were reading.

  2. Some books were unable to provide a fun experience.

  3. Buying new books each month is expensive.

Read Up is an application designed for kids to have a fun experience reading while learning with amazing features such as:

  1. Language Translation (Kids can read or listen to the books in 3 different languages)

  2. Interactive Artwork (Each book has interactive artwork to engage kids)

  3. 4 Book Categories (Adventure, Animals, Education, & Fantasy)

  4. Reward Points (Kids receive points when books are completed)

Read Up gives parents another way to be more involved in the reading experience of their...Read more...

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